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In 2013, Coach Mel attended a social enterprise global conference at Kanthari (Kerala, India) – an international institute for social change. Little did he know, that event would change his life.

At Kanthari, he met young budding social entrepreneurs from Africa, as they were there to be trained as agents of change. This was the Catalyst moment that birth this movement. Mel continues to work with these amazing history-makers from Nigeria and Zimbabwe, and the story continues… 

In essence, Catalyst / kat(ə)lɪst / stands for a person or thing that precipitates an event or change. In short, a conduit of transformation. 

Mel believes “everyone needs a coach… not just high achieving executives”.

If you are a team leader, a manager, a teacher, a pastor, a parent or someone who just desires to make a difference, coaching skills will help you inspire and influence the people under your care.

Catalyst is on a Mission to Equip 10,000 Coaches over the next 20 years – who will in turn Ignite  10 Million to reach their full potential.

Are you ready to be a force of good to impact your world?


CCC is a Coach Certification program that will impart to you Coaching Essentials, Core Competencies, Coaching Models and Tools, and our proprietary FLOW5 C.O.A.C.H Process, to impact your life and lives of many others.

CCC masterpieces around bringing your life essence; your purpose, passions and strengths, to naturally flow into crafting your own Coaching style, influence and practice.

The CCC program covers a broad spectrum of aspects of learning from positive and cognitive psychology, human motivation and behaviour, NLP, universal models and advanced adult learning theories.



It imparts to you the essentials and core competencies of Coaching, to the more advanced Coaching techniques, with right amount of contextual application into everyday life situations and workplace scenarios.

Our open coaching frameworks are applicable to a wide range of coaching contexts including executive coaching, leadership coaching, performance coaching, life coaching and career coaching.

CCC is a “Fully-Online” experience and created on a platform that is both Interactive and Engaging. It includes ‘Live’ Webinars, Pre-Recorded Videos and Audio Tracks, Modules that are easy to access on PDF, Coaching Resources (eBooks) and more.


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Catalyst Partners

In the last 15 plus years, her coaching has been focused on creating spaces for conversations that take people on a journey of radical transformation, helping people create access to reconnect with their deepest authentic selves and greater purpose.

Wendy takes a holistic approach, working with the whole individual (i.e. mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) and the ecosystem they live in. She helps her clients find their voice and most unique way in which they impact people, communities, organizations and the world they live in.

As a result, they live a life full of aliveness, freedom, love and joy. Her work is relatable, practical and impactful.

Wendy Koh, PCC

Catalyst Coach Partner, Singapore

His life experiences have inspired and ignited him to know that “there is so much more to life”. As a Certified Transformation Coach and Founder of the leading training and consultancy company, GlobalKnox, Ken has 20 plus years of experience working alongside the most influential corporations in Malaysia.

Ken specializes in coaching change management and talent development, helping organizations to steer through a critical juncture in growth and transformation. Besides corporate training, Ken is actively involved in community works for underprivileged children. He is the current President of the ICF Charter Chapter Malaysia.


Ken Ng. PCC

Catalyst Coach Partner, Malaysia

Joan is a passionate leader and developer of people, with 25+ years of experience serving in management capacities in Africa. She has Global HR, IT, and Operations management experience, from diverse corporate and consulting roles besides being involved in a philanthropic venture and balanced journey as a Christian, mother, and entrepreneur.

As a Professional Coach, Joan uses transformational approaches to coach project managers and their leaders to reflect better, commit, executing to their objectives, and develop coach-leader presence. Joan is driven to develop people and believes that the culture of coaching resonates in every part of society.

Joan Chepkemoi Kurgat, ACC

Catalyst Coach Partner, Kenya

With 23 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experiences, Colin has coached teams across different countries in his various management appointments. Colin prides himself in a coaching style that is not only relational, but is positive and highly evocative, encouraging participation in deep reflective ways to engage clients in their own learning.

Colin collaborates with clients for a transformational shift in their thinking, discovering emergent insights on the situation through a deep reflective coaching process. He partners them to navigate past their mental models, achieving greater clarity in their leadership styles and qualities, that will ignite their spheres of influence.

Colin Lee, PCC

Catalyst Coach Partner, Singapore

With 30 years of Human Resources experience, Bongi has coached Executives and Leaders through transformational dialogues that challenge their thinking paradigms. She partners with them in co-creating conducive environments wherein their team members are able to maximise individual strengths.

As an agent of transformation and change, Bongi coaches her clients through a thinking environment process, to help them discover, carve and take ownership of their potential both professionally and individually. Her passion is in inspiring clients to face and dismantle limiting assumptions. She enables clients to discover new thinking approaches which enable them to face life confidently.

Bongi Ndimande, ACC & CSP COMENSA

Catalyst Coach Partner, South Africa

In his professional journey of over two decades Sanjiv has spent more than half of it in learning and development. He has coached and mentored teams and individuals across industries to leverage their skills and unearth new potential. He relies on a conversational and relational approach in his coaching and facilitation interventions.

Sanjiv focuses on deep reflective thinking and introspection as key tools to create awareness which leads to simple and realistic actions. His motto is empathize, encourage, empower. His emphasis on a compassionate approach helps create a safe space for his clients to explore new challenges. He uses his strengths of communication, storytelling and facilitation to support his clients during their coaching journey.

Sanjiv Bhatia, PCC

Catalyst Coach Partner, India

Nancy grew up in Asia as a “shy introvert”. But years later, she is now seen as confident, daring, and curious by the people she meets.

With 15 years of experience in IT at various leadership positions, Nancy learned how to thrive at work as an introvert without pretending. She is on a mission to empower 10,000 people so that they have the confidence, competence, and courage to create the life they truly desire.

As a professional coach, Nancy focuses on helping introverts who struggle with expressing themselves well and being overlooked by opportunities to communicate assertively with confidence and build a strong social network. Her work has been published in well-known introvert blogs, such as ‘Introvert Dear’, ‘Beyond Introversion’, etc.

Nancy is a best-selling author with her book “The Nine Secrets of a Social and Confident Introvert”.

Nancy Yang, ACC

Catalyst Coach Partner, Sweden

Sarita brings almost 2 decades of diverse leadership experience to her coaching practice. As a certified professional and team coach, she has been coaching leaders across the globe. She believes that each person and team has the potential for greatness and makes it her mission to support leaders and teams in catalyzing their growth.

Sarita is passionate about leadership development and enables her clients to reach their leadership potential with more ease, speed and joy. She brings warmth, wisdom, compassion, and curiosity and her clients find her presence both calming and non-judgmental. She is praised for her practical and engaging approach to elicit measurable results.

Apart from being a regular yoga and meditation practitioner, Sarita loves to read, travel and spend time with nature.

Sarita Rochwani, PCC

Catalyst Coach Partner, India

With 30-years leadership experience in retail, Louise has learned that the most effective way to improve performance is to show belief and trust in your people. She helps companies improve business performance by helping their leaders create an environment in which people excel.

Louise coaches executives to explore and learn how to embrace self-leadership skills, with a unique focus on developing their conflict and emotional intelligence skills to create the life and the results they want personally and professionally. She believes leaders have the responsibility to be the best versions of themselves so they can show up and influence their teams to be the best versions of themselves.

Louise is a self-leadership coach, a workplace mediator and a leadership, conflict management and emotional intelligence trainer. Her purpose is: to use coaching to inspire change in the way leaders perceive conflict, so they can change the way they manage it.

Louise Hyland, ACC

Catalyst Coach Partner, Ireland

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