8pm to 9pm (Malaysia/Singapore/China)
Thursday, 28th July 2022

? Hi Fellow Coach!

Coach Mel and Maverick here.

You can’t ignore social media, but that doesn’t mean you can go in gun-blazing and praying for the best.

Most coaches go to social media and GENERATE NOISE. That’s when they post content without a proper strategy, and because of that, they failed to achieve any results.

As a matter of fact, it hurts their branding and affects their future business.

Some coaches, with the help of some copywriting tactics, go to social media and GENERATE ATTRACTION. They get the Likes, Comments and Views… but not the inquiries.

Over time, they got frustrated and quit the platforms entirely.

The market-leading coaches, armed with the right strategies, go to social media and GENERATE DEMAND. They are the ones who not only get the boosted visibility, but also a floodgate of prospects too.

These are the game-changers who command premium fees and create lasting impact.

Now, what if we can show you one of the marketing framework they used to Generate Demand for their coaching business?

In this 60-minute webinar, we will walk you through the Demand Generation Pyramid by bestselling author, Chet Holmes. And more importantly, you will learn how to apply it to your own coaching business.

Drop your contact details below and one of our team members will be dropping you the link to the Private Zoom Room.

“See” you soon!

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