Leadership Development Program

The 21st Century Leader

In the dynamic landscape of today’s workplaces, strong leadership is an essential asset for organizations desiring to achieve growth, innovation, and sustainable success. Developing and growing effective leaders is a multifaceted endeavour that requires intentional strategies and consistent effort.

A new style of leadership is emerging, from leaders as competent managers to leaders as great coaches — who will partner with curiosity, be open to new learning and perspectives, and connect to a greater purpose.

“The approach is wholistic and situational, helping me to frame big-picture goals and challenges before diving into strategies and tactics. It has been transformational, as I discover my saboteurs and define my plans along the way.”

Jonathan S,

CEO, Senior Advisor and Investor

Our Program is designed to Grow and
Engage You

We believe true transformation begins with the Leader. When the Leader grows his/her awareness, mindset and potential; the impact will be multiplied into the team’s performance, attitudes and mindsets as well.

We’ve crafted our program to start with an understanding of what drives you at work, to skills to become a coach-leader that will enhance your leadership style and empower you to better engage with your team.

The process of transformation is of course, not overnight. That is why our program is effectively delivered over a 6-9 month period that includes multiple-point interactions from leadership workshops, to team coaching and a 1on1 deep-dive session.

No matter the industry or position you are in, you have the potential to develop and bring about the best in yourself, your team and your organization. It’s time to grow your Leadership capacity and open up
to a world of infinite possibilities as you engage your potential.

“The program has inspired me to think out of my comfort zone and make me believe in a different method of Leadership as well as seeing life through a different lens.”

Noor H

Head of SME, Regional Bank

Our Leadership & Coaching Program

Our program combines the best of Cognitive and Positive Psychology, EQ and Coaching interventions, and with a customised design in mind to fit your work culture and engage your leaders.

According to the Institute of Coaching at McClean, over 70% of people who receive coaching have benefited from enhanced work relationships, performance and more effective communication skills.

The program will cover the following;

  • 1on1 Deep Dive Session with a Psychometric Tool that uncovers 48 Work Drivers (Work Attitudes and Motivations) Learn More
  • Team Coaching Sessions that challenges current Awareness, Perspectives and Mindsets
  • Workshops that cover a range of Leadership and Coaching Competencies

The tools and techniques that each leader will be exposed to, can be continually utilized with their teams, so that the impact will be continued and sustainable.

Connect with us today to Grow Your Leadership Capacity.

Be an Impact

The Time is NOW. Talk to us today about how you can be a Catalyst Coach and be ONE among many who transform lives!

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